Monday, May 11, 2015

Northwest Guilford High School's Recipe for Success

When Director Brian McMath scheduled the first ever Mattress Fundraiser for the Northwest Guilford High School Band, he challenged his parents and students to beat out all other top earning programs. Custom Fundraising Solutions of Charlotte reported a total of 81 beds sold for a payback to the music program of what will be nearly $11,000 dollars!

What made this fundraiser so successful for Northwest Guilford, especially since this was their first ever Mattress Fundraiser sale?  “It comes down to two things: focus and drive. When the entire program is focused on getting the word out, which is the most important factor for a successful sale, they will undoubtedly get the results they are looking for,” said Mark Irvin of CFS Charlotte.

The program had set the bar high.  “Like a lot of things in life, you just need a goal,” commented Irvin. The determination of the director and kids in the program, as well as the overwhelming support of the community combined to make a winning recipe.