Tuesday, October 20, 2015

East Ascension Reclaims Mattress Fundraiser National Record!!

From left to right: Jamie Andrews, Nicole Primeaux & Asst. Principal Kim Uzee
Record breaking news is out from Custom Fundraising Solutions…again! Not more than a month ago we reported that a new Mattress Fundraiser national record was set in Allen, TX with the Eagle Escadrille (the “Biggest Band in the Land”.) The word traveled fast to Gonzales, Louisiana, where 2-time record holder, East Ascension High School took on the challenge and earned back their title for the 3rd time, at their September 26th Mattress Fundraiser.

The official numbers came in at 160 beds and $27,210 given back this year! This makes them the national record holder for the third time in a row.  They’ve now raised a total of $80,335 from their mattress fundraisers with Custom Fundraising Solutions!

Earning this impressive title year after year takes some special effort from within, particularly one special lady named, Jamie Andrews, a long-term teacher at East Ascension High School. Owner of CFS Louisiana, Nicole Primeaux had this to say about the schools “inspirational leader”, “NONE of this would be possible without JAMIE! She is the sole reason that this program works as well as it does every year. She holds everyone accountable, and never stops believing in what can be accomplished by each child. The reason that this works so well is not because of the incentives or the location, but the belief and sense of belonging and pride that Jamie puts into every student.”

When asked about the sale, Andrews responded, “East Ascension High School is ecstatic that our community rose to the occasion to help us reclaim the national record with Custom Fundraising Solutions.  Word of mouth spread in our community that the Mattress Fundraiser is THE time and place to purchase beds in Gonzales, Louisiana.  Several customers actually waited for our annual sale to purchase their new mattress sets!”

Each and every Mattress Sale benefits everyone involved, from the smallest to the largest group. Each one is as important as the next because these sales benefit the kids…and that’s what who believe in – THE KIDS!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Upcycling to Keep it Green

Upcycling to Keep it Green

CFS of Central Texas owners, Chris and Justina Lambert were recently recognized for more than giving back to local schools and groups in their area. Working with Austin Creative Reuse, a nonprofit organization that collects, sells, and distributes donated reusable materials, the Lamberts were able to “upcycle” past Mattress Fundraiser yard signs in multiple ways! Justina commented, While Austin is famously known for “keeping it weird,” it is exciting to know that there are innovative groups out there thinking ‘outside the box’ to keep our planet a little bit greener!”

To find your local Custom Fundraising Solutions office, visit our website: http://www.customfundraisingsolutions.com/#!locations/c1eg4

The whole story from Austin Creative Reuse can be found here: http://austincreativereuse.org/2015/08/meet-an-austin-creative-reuse-donor/  

As new parents, creating a sustainable future is front of mind for the Lamberts.