Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tips for a Successful School Fundraiser

Maybe you and your team or group is skeptical about fundraising. Well, after almost a decade of experience and over $10 million dollars given back to school and groups across the country, Custom Fundraising Solutions is confident that fundraisers…more specifically, mattresses fundraisers are the best option.

Hoover High School Football $13,150!
As our founder Joe Matejka mentions in this video, mattress fundraisers may seem a bit far-fetched but they absolutely work. If you’re looking to fundraise this school year, here are some must-know tips compiled by our own Missy Yelton of CFS Twin Cities:
  • ·         Always be open to new fundraiser ideas, especially those that would require less work for more return.
  • ·         Less is more - rather than having 10+ small fundraisers per year, focus the effort on having 1-3 big ones that bring in a lot of money in just one day.  Asking parents and students to participate in a dozen or so fundraisers per year leads to burnout, and lowered participation rate, thus lowering the money raised.
  • ·         Work to get EVERY member/student involved in fundraising somehow - if you are a Coach/Music Director/Program Leader, be excited about fundraising, even if you have boosters.  Everyone else will follow your lead.
  • ·         If there is a Booster group, or core volunteer group, don't let different political agendas sidetrack the success of your fundraisers.  Work so that everyone supports the avenues you choose to raise funds, because working together means success.  DO look to fill positions with those who are more collaborative, open to new ideas and truly care about the overall mission of your organization.
Roseville Area Music Program made $10,000!

Most importantly, have FUN with FUNdraising!