Wednesday, November 8, 2017


We have some EXCITING news to share with you, our coaches, directors, booster groups, administrators, and most importantly, our friends! We’ve reached another milestone, having given back over $25 million to groups like yours!  This year alone, we expect to give back more than $10 million. To you, that means new athletic equipment, instruments, extracurricular travel, uniforms and more!  

Our commitment to your program keeps us working hard and constantly striving to find better ways to help raise you more money, year after year. To read the full news release, click here: News Release.  

Hoover Bucs Football has made over $85,000 in five years hosting The Mattress Fundraiser.  

- Coach Josh Niblett, Hoover High School, Alabama.

Hoover Bucs Football Mattress Fundraiser raised $20,000. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

EY announces JOE MATEJKA, President of Custom Fundraising Solutions, Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2017 Award finalist in Northeast Ohio!

The spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and kicking in Northeast Ohio — and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of all the action! Joe Matejka, President of Custom Fundraising Solutions and founder of “The Mattress Fundraiser”, was recently announced as a finalist in the Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017 Northeast Ohio Awards program.

As the world’s most prestigious business award for entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur Of The Year has been at the forefront of identifying game‑changing business leaders for more than 31 years. The program has honored the inspirational leadership of such entrepreneurs as Howard Schultz of Starbucks Coffee Company, John Mackey of Whole Foods Market Inc., Pierre Omidyar of eBay, Inc., Reid Hoffman and Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn Corporation and Mindy Grossman of HSN, Inc. We’re honored to have Joe Matejka recognized among so many other notable business luminaries in Northeast Ohio. Learn more about the Northeast Ohio Program ( and follow our journey to the awards!

Read the Press Release!

Friday, November 11, 2016

3-Time Record Holder East Ascension High School Raises $58,295 in One Day!

East Ascension High School has made headlines twice before, breaking their own annual records of most dollars raised at a Mattress Fundraiser. However, this year they blew the doors off and SMASHED their previous records raising $58,295 dollars in just one day. 
The hard-hit town of Gonzales, Louisiana has been in recovery mode from flood devastation they’ve recently endured. Despite the hardship, their positive attitude and “can do” motivation has kept them afloat, maintaining business as usual when it comes to growth and education.  This year’s annual Mattress Fundraiser was a welcome opportunity not only for the community to purchase top quality beds at substantial savings, but for the school to raise some much needed dollars.

Jamie Andrews of East Ascension High School had this to say, "This year our parish has suffered greatly due to the natural disaster of the August floods - but we continue to show that we are ASCENSION STRONG. The Mattress Fundraiser has become a reliable avenue for over sixteen organizations on our campus to help finance their various needs - from transportation costs of our Spartan band to travel expenses to the National Beta convention to risers for our choir.  We are proud to have regained the national record, raising $58,295 this year!” “

Other very honorable mentions this school year include two groups who have also earned a place in CFS history for raising more than $20,000 at each of their respective Mattress Fundraisers. The first is the Allen Eagle Escadrille (aka “The Biggest Band in the Land”) from Allen, Texas who was awarded a check for $21,000 plus gifts for students that included their choice of a TV, an Apple Watch, or a Go Pro.  In all they raised $22,200!

The Central High School Band in Baton Rouge, Louisiana also had a record-breaking Mattress Fundraiser. In fact, for the span of this last month, they WERE the CFS National Record Holder, having raised $28,220 at their one-day event.  In September they topped East Ascension High School’s previous year’s record-holding amount of $27,210. 

These were 2nd year events for both Central High School Band and the Allen Eagle Escadrille. Congratulations to ALL of the enthusiastic schools and groups we work with during the year.
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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Great Experience with Custom Fundraising Solutions

Sean Ring is the Head Baseball Coach at Westerville North High School, in Ohio.  Recently they hosted their 2nd annual Mattress Fundraiser with Custom Fundraising Solutions. Coach Ring raved about the fundraising experience as well as his interaction with CFS Columbus owner and operator, Kevin Krinsky.

“I have been coaching baseball for 8 years at the high school level and the one aspect of the job I dread the most is fundraising. Throughout the years we have tried it all from raffles to discount cards. Then I heard about CFS and the “Mattress Fundraiser” from a colleague and thought, “why not, I’ll give it a shot.” What I found was a fundraiser we will run yearly with great results. I know selling mattresses sounds a bit bizarre (and it is) but it works! Kevin runs an organized operation and does not push or hassle coaches, players, or parents to sell anything. The time commitment from players, coaches, and families is minimal (having only to help spread the word about the sale) and the results are impressive. Our team has raised almost $9,000 in two years and I cannot stress enough the simplicity of the events. No tracking players and parents down for money or returning cards; the sale is a one-day event where players advertise outside the building while the CFS team sets up a mattress store in the school. I would highly recommend running this fundraiser to support your group!”

We want to hear from you, too! Whether you are a customer, parent, coach or director…tell us about your experience with Custom Fundraising Solutions! Click HERE to send us your story. 

The Westerville North Baseball team is presented with their check for $5,600!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

East Ascension Reclaims Mattress Fundraiser National Record!!

From left to right: Jamie Andrews, Nicole Primeaux & Asst. Principal Kim Uzee
Record breaking news is out from Custom Fundraising Solutions…again! Not more than a month ago we reported that a new Mattress Fundraiser national record was set in Allen, TX with the Eagle Escadrille (the “Biggest Band in the Land”.) The word traveled fast to Gonzales, Louisiana, where 2-time record holder, East Ascension High School took on the challenge and earned back their title for the 3rd time, at their September 26th Mattress Fundraiser.

The official numbers came in at 160 beds and $27,210 given back this year! This makes them the national record holder for the third time in a row.  They’ve now raised a total of $80,335 from their mattress fundraisers with Custom Fundraising Solutions!

Earning this impressive title year after year takes some special effort from within, particularly one special lady named, Jamie Andrews, a long-term teacher at East Ascension High School. Owner of CFS Louisiana, Nicole Primeaux had this to say about the schools “inspirational leader”, “NONE of this would be possible without JAMIE! She is the sole reason that this program works as well as it does every year. She holds everyone accountable, and never stops believing in what can be accomplished by each child. The reason that this works so well is not because of the incentives or the location, but the belief and sense of belonging and pride that Jamie puts into every student.”

When asked about the sale, Andrews responded, “East Ascension High School is ecstatic that our community rose to the occasion to help us reclaim the national record with Custom Fundraising Solutions.  Word of mouth spread in our community that the Mattress Fundraiser is THE time and place to purchase beds in Gonzales, Louisiana.  Several customers actually waited for our annual sale to purchase their new mattress sets!”

Each and every Mattress Sale benefits everyone involved, from the smallest to the largest group. Each one is as important as the next because these sales benefit the kids…and that’s what who believe in – THE KIDS!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Upcycling to Keep it Green

Upcycling to Keep it Green

CFS of Central Texas owners, Chris and Justina Lambert were recently recognized for more than giving back to local schools and groups in their area. Working with Austin Creative Reuse, a nonprofit organization that collects, sells, and distributes donated reusable materials, the Lamberts were able to “upcycle” past Mattress Fundraiser yard signs in multiple ways! Justina commented, While Austin is famously known for “keeping it weird,” it is exciting to know that there are innovative groups out there thinking ‘outside the box’ to keep our planet a little bit greener!”

To find your local Custom Fundraising Solutions office, visit our website:!locations/c1eg4

The whole story from Austin Creative Reuse can be found here:  

As new parents, creating a sustainable future is front of mind for the Lamberts.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

A New National Record!

Back to School and Back to Work; The Allen Eagle Escadrille Sells a Record 147 Mattresses

Welcome back to school! Custom Fundraising Solutions hopes this year will be your best yet! It’s already ours! We are proud to announce that Custom Fundraising Solutions has officially given back over $14 million dollars to schools, teams, and groups across the country via the Mattress Fundraiser.

Last month, the Allen Eagle Escadrille, the “Biggest Band in the Land”, hosted their first mattress fundraiser with Custom Fundraising Solutions of North Texas (CFS of North Texas.) The Escadrille’s fundraiser made history, selling 147 mattresses and breaking the current national record. Their efforts, those of the Booster Club and the community support helped the Eagle Escadrille earn an impressive $25,650.  

All funds raised by the 147 mattresses sold will support their upcoming trip to the Rose Parade® next January in Pasadena, California! Families and individuals from all over browsed the mattress showroom set up in the Allen High School Band Hall. Each of the 147 purchases supported the Escadrille’s upcoming trip to the New Year’s Day Rose Parade.

Part of what made the fundraiser such a success was the student’s involvement! Check out this great promotional video made by the Escadrille band!

Joe Matejka, founder and President of Custom Fundraising Solutions was present at the record-breaking fundraiser. “We averaged selling one mattress every 4 minutes over a 9 hour period. It really got us excited to see the community support such a great group of hard-working kids, all while getting a quality product they need at a great price. That is why we are in this business…to help the kids!”  Custom Fundraising Solutions congratulates the Allen Eagle Escadrille for their hard work and dedication during the fundraiser and wish you all the best of luck in January!

The Allen Eagle Escadrille raised $25,650 for their upcoming trip!