Friday, November 11, 2016

3-Time Record Holder East Ascension High School Raises $58,295 in One Day!

East Ascension High School has made headlines twice before, breaking their own annual records of most dollars raised at a Mattress Fundraiser. However, this year they blew the doors off and SMASHED their previous records raising $58,295 dollars in just one day. 
The hard-hit town of Gonzales, Louisiana has been in recovery mode from flood devastation they’ve recently endured. Despite the hardship, their positive attitude and “can do” motivation has kept them afloat, maintaining business as usual when it comes to growth and education.  This year’s annual Mattress Fundraiser was a welcome opportunity not only for the community to purchase top quality beds at substantial savings, but for the school to raise some much needed dollars.

Jamie Andrews of East Ascension High School had this to say, "This year our parish has suffered greatly due to the natural disaster of the August floods - but we continue to show that we are ASCENSION STRONG. The Mattress Fundraiser has become a reliable avenue for over sixteen organizations on our campus to help finance their various needs - from transportation costs of our Spartan band to travel expenses to the National Beta convention to risers for our choir.  We are proud to have regained the national record, raising $58,295 this year!” “

Other very honorable mentions this school year include two groups who have also earned a place in CFS history for raising more than $20,000 at each of their respective Mattress Fundraisers. The first is the Allen Eagle Escadrille (aka “The Biggest Band in the Land”) from Allen, Texas who was awarded a check for $21,000 plus gifts for students that included their choice of a TV, an Apple Watch, or a Go Pro.  In all they raised $22,200!

The Central High School Band in Baton Rouge, Louisiana also had a record-breaking Mattress Fundraiser. In fact, for the span of this last month, they WERE the CFS National Record Holder, having raised $28,220 at their one-day event.  In September they topped East Ascension High School’s previous year’s record-holding amount of $27,210. 

These were 2nd year events for both Central High School Band and the Allen Eagle Escadrille. Congratulations to ALL of the enthusiastic schools and groups we work with during the year.
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