Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Great Experience with Custom Fundraising Solutions

Sean Ring is the Head Baseball Coach at Westerville North High School, in Ohio.  Recently they hosted their 2nd annual Mattress Fundraiser with Custom Fundraising Solutions. Coach Ring raved about the fundraising experience as well as his interaction with CFS Columbus owner and operator, Kevin Krinsky.

“I have been coaching baseball for 8 years at the high school level and the one aspect of the job I dread the most is fundraising. Throughout the years we have tried it all from raffles to discount cards. Then I heard about CFS and the “Mattress Fundraiser” from a colleague and thought, “why not, I’ll give it a shot.” What I found was a fundraiser we will run yearly with great results. I know selling mattresses sounds a bit bizarre (and it is) but it works! Kevin runs an organized operation and does not push or hassle coaches, players, or parents to sell anything. The time commitment from players, coaches, and families is minimal (having only to help spread the word about the sale) and the results are impressive. Our team has raised almost $9,000 in two years and I cannot stress enough the simplicity of the events. No tracking players and parents down for money or returning cards; the sale is a one-day event where players advertise outside the building while the CFS team sets up a mattress store in the school. I would highly recommend running this fundraiser to support your group!”

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The Westerville North Baseball team is presented with their check for $5,600!

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